Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Story Behind the Characters in My Closet

I do genealogy.  For anyone who has ever researched their family we all know that we have "characters" in our families.  For me, mine are my grandfathers.  Some people like to call them "black sheep" or "skeletons" but mine are "characters".  I have a very dear friend in Iowa who once told me, "Laura I know you love Family History but I don't want to know any more about those characters in my closet!"  I was intrigued.  What  had she found?  It seems her sister had been researching their line and came across PIRATES!!  I said, "PIRATES!!  How cool is that!"  She did not think it was very humorous!"

This got me to thinking on how "we all" have these kind of ancestors.  I have found in every instance, when I research an ancestor and begin to learn their story, I find a greater love than I ever thought possible.  So with all I encourage you to learn about the "characters in your closet" and share their stories here. I believe everyone has a story to tell.  Sometimes because of the circumstances surrounding the story, we become shameful and a story is buried and long forgotten.  I have found this in my family search many times.  But I also have found no matter what the story, circumstance, or who the ancestors is, you can still tell their story with respect.

So please if you have a story to share, come share them with us!!  You never know when someone else will find your story and possibly fill in some missing blanks!

I will begin with one of my grandfathers!